JUN Social counter By Joomlasun

Facebook Page

  1. Use Page ID or Page Slug to setup facebook.

  2. Goto https://developers.facebook.com/
  3. From menu Apps select Create new app

  4. Click On WWW

  5. Enter Unique Name

  6. Choose Category

  7. Click Skip Quick Start

  8. Click Show

  9. Goto http://labs.themeinity.com/plugins/tools/facebook/
  10. Copy App ID and App Secret to form then click "Page Fans"

  11. Copy your access token

Facebook Followers

Facebook removed user followers count from it's api so you should add followers number manual


  1. Twitter ID

  2. Goto Twitter Apps and follow steps below:

  3. Create new application

  4. Fill application form

  5. Agree and submit the form

  6. Goto end of the page and click

  7. Use Keys to setup your twitter


Use Page / Account ID as number or Page / Account Slug starting with (+)


Get your profile username, "themeinity" is just example for username


to get your envato id login to your account, open menu and click profile, copy your envato id, it's your username also


get your Behance ID

It's a few steps to get your api key

  1. Goto the Behance in the botton of page click Api

  2. Register new App

  3. Fill the inputs with the required data

  4. Finally when you just finished by click the Register your app, then you will be able to have the API KEY / CLIENT ID, just copy and paste


get your dribbble id

Get Access Token

  1. Go to https://dribbble.com/account/applications/new
  2. Fill the form and click Register application

  3. Copy Your Client Access Token


Vimeo User Followers

  1. Vimeo User ID without word [user]

  2. Goto https://developer.vimeo.com Select My Apps

  3. Click Create a new app

  4. Fill the form

  5. Click OAuth2

  6. Copy your access token

Vimeo Channel

Follow steps below to get your vimeo channel id

  1. goto http://www.vimeo.com then click Me

  2. click on channels box

  3. click on setting icon for channel you want to show number of followers

  4. copy channel id


It's a few steps to get your api key

  1. Open menu and click on developers

  2. Click on Your Apps

  3. Click Register new application

  4. Enter your app name then click register

  5. Click save app and copy your Client ID

to get SoundCloud ID

  1. Open menu and click on Profile

  2. Copy your username from the address bar


Use your username as Github ID.


Use your username as Delicious ID.


  1. You need first to get the ID, for that there is a tool you will use to generate your ID from your username click here like so:

  2. Go to https://www.instagram.com/developer/clients/register/

  3. Fill the form and click Register

    Valid redirect urls should be http://labs.themeinity.com/plugins/tools/instagram/

  4. Goto http://labs.themeinity.com/plugins/tools/instagram/

  5. Copy your client id & client secret to the form & click Submit

  6. Click Authorize

  7. Copy your access token