JUN Grid News

JUN Grid News is a responsive joomla module that display joomla articles with grid layout and masonry effect. You can easy filter articles by category or loadmore news by a mouse click.

There are lots of parameters and you can set them easily. This awesome module is responsive and seo optimized.

It is totally compatible with Joomla 3.x, easy to install and a perfect solution for you to create your own news display on joomla.

First user need to create joomla category


Then you need create articles

Note: You must insert image intro for articles

After create articles and install our module you need configure JUN Grid News module


Have many options you can easy understand it by hover on label


The important options:

-          Category: Select categories you want to display

-          First load items: number of items you want to display on page load. You should choose it adaptive with layout at tab Layout Options.

-          Loadmore Items: number of item inserted when you click Loadmore button

-          Lightbox button: Show/Hide lightbox button

-          Title: Show/Hide Title

-          Date: Show/Hide Date

-          Category: Show/Hide Category



From here you can configure layout options



-          Category Filter: Show/Hide category filter

-          Filter Positon: you can configure it if you show category filter

-          Item margin: Use this to make space between items

-          Columns on Desktop: Choose number of columns on screen have min width is 768px

-          Columns on Tablet: Choose number of columns on screen have width from 480px to 767px

-          Columns on Mobile: Choose number of columns on screen have max width is  479px

From here you can configure options of images. If you want all grid cell have the same size you need crop images to have the same size.