Hi guys,

Since we have added 9 premium joomla templates to our product list, a lot of customers have asked us about "How to make my site looks like your demo". And today we will answer you guys in this tutorial.

 The following are to help you make a site look like our demo site using JoomlaSun Template:

Install & Configure the included Extensions (modules/plugins/components):

1. Install the modules first. 

• It is important to note modules will install with default settings which are way different from those used with the demo site.

• To help with this, we provide screenshots of backend settings of each module from the demo site for your reference. So, all you have to do is install the module, then check the userguide for its settings screenshot and replicate the same in your site.

Do this for all the included modules. DO NOT try different settings at this stage please. Complete the setup and then tweak the settings.

2. Custom HTML Modules:

• If you are trying to configure Custom HTML modules, then you will need to copy the exact code from the setting screenshot or from quickstart installation. Please remember, we use special HTML tags and div classes for the layout. So, simply typing your content may not be sufficient all the time.

3. Install the plugins

• As with the case of modules, the plugins will install with their default settings, which again would be way different from the settings used in the demo site.

• So, refer to the setting screenshot in the userguide and replicate the same for your site.

Now comes the important part.

• You will need to assign the modules for menu items, since the menu items would be different for your site, you will need to assign the modules as per your site pages.

Good luck ;)

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This year, 2015 is Joomla! Welcome to JoomlaSun

The Joomla community have growth rapidly over the past 10 years and JoomlaSun is also a loyal member of this this community too.

As a young member of Joomla community, JoomlaSun is always trying our best to bring the best extensions for Joomla developers. 

We hope our efforts will contribute a significant part to the development of Joomla! 

Celebrating Joomla! Welcome to JoomlaSun and 70 years Vietnam’s Independence Day with awesome deals from JoomlaSun, we are very happy to give away 94% OFF for all of our Joomla Extension Membership package from 2th September to 25rd September 2015 - GTM+7 to Download all products just 15€.

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